COVID-19 Market Situation Update

Especially in the current market situation, it is important to have our regular visit to retail partners to understand first hand about the local business dynamics. It is encouraging to hear the business momentum has picked-up slightly since April, which coinc...

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Hybrid Dynamic Lighting Control with DZ4G450MULT

So far, we've shown different Hybrid Mode Dynamic Lighting Control Implementations based on our DZ3G450DIAL. In fact, besides the rotary button interface, another possibility is to apply the DZ4G450MULT for brightness control. As a standalone Col...

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Dynamic Lighting & LED Dimming Control Product Solutions Brochures

[Feb 27, 2020: Traditional Chinese Version of Different Brochures added.] After our last update on the Hybrid Control for Dynamic Lighting Control, we've consolidated the relevant product material & customer experience into relevant product brochures ...

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Hybrid Mode (Wall Plate Control + Mobile APP ) Dynamic Lighting Control

After the development of our Dynamic Lighting Controllers, the associated Tune-able White Lighting Fixtures and Solid Aluminium Alloy Wall Plates, it's time for us to explore how these newly available devices can be put together to come up with some i...

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