LED Dimming has been a common lighting requirement in Today's Professional LED Lighting / Interior Design. But for many, who are in LED Lighting Design / Interior Design / M&E Consultant, they might have found different Reliability and Performance problems when using Traditional Incandescent Dimmers (a.k.a, TRIAC Dimmers) to realize LED Dimming. There are already many websites saying that LED Dimming requires a new type of Dimmer. It's our intention to create our Application Video Library to explore different LED Dimming topics so that the relevant parties would be able to visualize it than simply reading another technical article online.

To provide a simple-to-use and cost-effective LED Dimming solution for customers’ transition to Professional LED Lighting effect, our 450W / 220 - 240Vac Digital Phase Cut LED Wall Dimmers are designed for LED Deep Dimming. Not only are backward compatible to single Live-wire operation for TRIAC Dimmer Replacement, our LED dimmers have Other Benefits from Digital Processing, which upgrades Single Pole Dimmers with new features matching with today’s market needs.

Gen 3 LED Phase Dimmer
With our past effort, our Gen 3  LED Dimmer, DZ3G450DIAL, is officially listed on the leading Professional LED Lighting Manufacturer, SORAA®’s Compatibility List for its Professional LED Lamps. Not only that, our different solutions have been using in multiple projects by some prestigious customers, who encountered LED Dimming problems for their Interior Design projects. By working with LED Driver and Lighting Fixture Suppliers, Designers and Electricians, even Retailers, we've gained a comprehensive end-to-end understanding of the overall LED Dimming / Professional LED Lighting applications. This extensive Marketing experience also fuels our continuous product innovation for LED Dimming applications!

Gen 4 LED Phase Dimmer
To address Hospitality, Office, Retail and Residential Lighting applications, our new Gen 4 Multi-Way LED Dimmer, DZ4G450MULT, does not only integrate Light On/Off, Deep Dimming Up/Down and Scene-Setting features to a single button, but it also has a Unique Feature of being able to Connect Multiple LED Dimmers to Control the Same set of Lighting Fixtures at Different Locations, without SPDT switch nor Mobile APP . This is something not found in the textbook and is a useful new product to the Lighting society!

Featured Video
To facilitate our customers to browse our Videos, we've selected several more important ones as follows:

Minimum Power for LED Dimmer is a Key for Deep Dimming Performance!

Generally speaking, there are Two Basic Parameters to look for in determining if a dimmer is suitable for LED Dimming and if it is capable of Deep Dimming performance: (a) Trailing-edge Phase-Cut Methodology, which is covered in another video & (b) Minimum Power Requirement for a LED Dimmer. This video focuses on demonstrating the very different effects achieved by using two LED Dimmers side-by-side with the same set of Lamps. This difference shows the significance of Minimum Power Requirements for Achieving Deep Dimming for LED Lighting. 

As LED Efficacy continues to rise and manufacturers adapting to the latest LED chipset technology, End-Users would often find the brightness level is still too high and feel uncomfortable even they've dimmed the lights to the lowest available level. As a result, they need to disconnect some of the Lights in the room, which spoils the overall Lighting Design.

Deep Dimming is about dimming range in 0 – 20% of the measured light level from the fixtures, which corresponds to the approximately 0 - 45% of the perceived light level to the human eyes. But doing so on LED Lights is not as straight-forward as one experienced with Incandescent Lights.

Given the high energy saving performance (high lumen output per watt) of LED vs. Incandescent Lamps, in order to achieve such kind of dimming effect, the Minimum Load Requirement of a LED Dimmer is a good indicator of whether the dimmer is designed for LED Deep Dimming. Unlike an Incandescent (TRIAC) Dimmer that usually has a Minimum Power Rating of 50W+, a LED Dimmer would usually have a much smaller equivalent requirement.

In this video, we set up a few lamps (Dimmable LED Lamps and a Halogen Bulb) to compare the Dimming Range achieved by Two Dimmers: Dimmer "A" and our Gen 2 LED Dimmer, DZ2G450DIAL. On the same set of Lights, DZ2G450DIAL achieved Dim-to-Dark or Dim-to-Off, while the other did not. 

While LED Dimmer design is more complicated than this, this video is a good introduction to understand the difficulty of LED Dimming. Since this video is published, we've released our Gen 3 (DZ3G450DIAL) LED Dimmer and Gen 4 (DZ4G450MULT) Multi-Way LED Dimmers to address different types of LED Dimming applications.

By working in the field with our customers together, we've also developed our Total Solution / Associated Product Recommendation to help customers with their LED Dimmer and Associated Product Selection, such as, selecting Dimmable Drivers to match-up with a COB Light on-hand (see our application notes & relevant video), which becomes relevant when choosing CCT changeable LED Fixtures for Human-Centric Lighting applications in the near future. It's our intention for the interested parties to browse both this Video section and our Technology section to understand the LED Dimming more interactively and choosing the appropriate LED Dimmers for the applications on-hand.