Tunable White Track Lights in Gallery

Thanks to the opportunity from Ben Brown Fine Arts (Hong Kong), our Tunable White Track Lights had been successfully adopted in one of the international art galleries. The track installation works by the Electricians were executed quickly once after explaining...

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Residential Dimming Project based on Alloy Face Plate & Controller, Shelley Street

Since the launch of our Dynamic Lighting Controllers (SKU # DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG), we received a number of project inquiries for using the Solid Aluminum Alloy Wall Plate for Residential Dimming applications. In a recent residential dimming project, the opportuni...

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Dynamic Lighting Control @ Sotheby's Hong Kong Ltd.

For a product developer, it’s always great excitement to witness our products being applied in the field and to receive positive comment from the clientele. After the recent installation, it’s a pleasure to host a product introduction to the Sotheb...

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DZ2G300TUNE Controller @ Deep Water Bay, Hong Kong

As we have been sharing in our company news update for a long period of time that we had been searching for a new approach to enrich our portfolio with a flexible and comprehensive portfolio so that customers would be easier to utilize our core technology...

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