Tunable Track Light Marketing Brochure

For customers to understand our product applications more easily, we organized our product materials with different applications.
In this brochure, we've organized our Track Light solutions that cover our Tunable White Track Lights & Professional Halogen Replacement Track Lights suitable for Art Gallery, Product Display, & Cultural Exhibition Center applications. The featured product is our Excellent Color Rendering (CRI 90+) Tunable White Track Lights (20W / 30W, 6500K - 2700K / 4000K - 1800K) that are suitable for 4-wire (3-Circuit) Dimmable Track Light Systems (Track Lights that dim Halogen Light Bulbs ok).
At the same time, we also introduce our Professional Halogen Replacement for customers interested in Excellent Color Rendering (CRI 95+) Track Lights. Besides the Excellent Color Rendering performance, we also combine a number of lighting control elements to provide a flexible solution suitable for High-Quality Lighting applications.

For LED Framing Projectors, please contact us separately. 
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