Enhanced DZ3G450DIAL Now Available

Launched & officially listed as a SORAA® Compatible Phase Dimmer in Y2017, we're pleased to share that the enhanced software version of our DZ3G3450DIAL is NOW Available to market.

In this enhanced version, we've better addressed the excessively high current induced at the moment when the LED Dimmer is activated by closing the circuit. We've also addressed few other compatible issues encountered in the past. Technically, this should be our Gen 5 dimming core or "DZ5G450DIAL", however, since this modification only involves software change, the same model number is maintained

Faceplate Support for Commercial and Residential Applications
At the same time, to better support our customers' demand for the outlook of the LED Dimmer Switch, customers can also consider our LED dimmer switch with solid aluminum alloy faceplate, the SKU # for the complete dimmer switch is LDCP-ROTA-2G_DG Of course, customers can continue buying our DZ3G450DIAL dimmer units for assembly with standard plastic faceplates.

Below shows the front and the backside of the LDCP-ROTA-2G_DG, or our 450W / 220V phase dimmer on a solid aluminum alloy dark grey faceplate.


In terms of solid aluminum alloy faceplate support, we have the 1 / 2 / 4 gang faceplate available for different installation needs. The followings show our 1-10V Controller, DZ1G1TEN, and Gen 4 Push Button Multi-Way Phase Dimmer DZ4G450MULT installed on different faceplates.


SORAA® LED Dimming Solutions
In terms of 
SORAA® MR16 LED Dimming support, we're pleased with the dimming performance with the introduction of the SORAA® optima™ 12V electronic transformer together with our enhanced DZ3G450DIAL dimmer; for further info, please refer here.

To have a feel of the dimming performance of our enhanced DZ3G450DIAL with SORAA® LED lamp & 12V electronic transformer, please refer to this video