Introduction to Tunable White Controller Brochure

After the Introduction to Dynamic Lighting Controller brochure, we quickly organized the different application info of the Tunable White Controller into a comprehensive brochure (EN / CN)  to present the product and its applications from a product perspective. The diversified applications behind the Tunable White Controller is a drastic contrast with our Dynamic Lighting Controller.

Dynamic Lighting Controller is designed to integrate all necessary Tunable White control features & user-defined memories into a single controller, and also lets users and designers freely choose their preferred faceplates. The same controller is also meant to provide an alternative solution for LED Dimming applications.

Tunable White Controller Applications
On the other hand, the Tunable White Controller is designed to work with other components (such as our DZ3G450DIAL and DZ1G1TEN) to realize Dynamic Lighting control, which gives the Dual Rotary Button Interface for Dynamic Lighting control.

Besides the basic Rotary Button Interface (requires to work with our Phase Dimmer and 1-10V Controller), the Tunable White Controller can also work with a wireless module of different connectivity technologies (BLE or WiFi, etc) to upgrade an existing circuitry (Hybrid Operation Mode) or to swap between the faceplate and mobile application (Dual Operation Mode: Faceplate + Mobile APP) to control brightness and color temperature of Tunable White LED Fixtures.

Furthermore, applicable to different dimmable track systems (including Incandescent or Halogen lights), our Tunable White Track Lights are an interesting and practical application. Users can adjust the individual track light's color temperature or collectively adjust all the track light's color temperature on the same track to create a different atmosphere. For more info on Tunable White Track Light, please refer to this link and brochure.

Product Application Clips
In the past few weeks, we added new product introduction videos for interested prospects to understand further after reading our product materials.

Tunable White Controller (DZ1G300TUNE) and Solutions
  • Swap between Faceplate and Mobile App for Dynamic Lighting Controller video
  • Tunable White Track Light video

Dynamic Lighting Controller (DZ2G300TUNE) and Solutions
  • Using Dynamic Lighting Controller for Brightness and Color Temp. control video
  • Using Dynamic Lighting Controller for LED Dimming video

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