Besides energy saving, controllability is the next highly expected feature of LED Lighting over Traditional Lighting. However, such a control aspect seems to be missing in daily applications. Since 2015, we've been developing & marketing Phase Dimmers* and related products to address LED dimming control

Driven by our project field experience, we developed a new type of Tunable White control using Phase Dimming & 0-10V technologies, which gives our Tunable White Controller (DZ1G300TUNE) & Dynamic Lighting Controllers (DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG / _PUSH). It's our goal to lower the technical and costs barriers for different Circadian Lighting or Commercial applications that desire Multi-Purpose Lighting.

* Our 450W / 220-240Vac Single Live-wire Operational Trailing-edge LED Phase Dimmers released to market includes DZ2G450DIAL & DZ1G450CAPS (2015), DZ3G450DIAL (2017), DZ4G450MULT (2018). In 2017, our DZ3G450DIAL was listed as a SORAA® Compatible dimmer. In Q2 2021, an Enhanced version of DZ3G450DIAL has been available.

In this Application Video Library, we shared a number of interesting topics on LED dimming or how our products can be applied in different scenarios.

High Power Factor Dimmable LED Advertisement Solution / DC 1-10V Dimming with DZ1G1TEN

LED Strip Light / Light Bar and LED Modules are gaining popularity in Advertisement industry and they are now commonly found in Lightbox and Signage. However, long operation hours and various outdoor and indoor environment generate different lighting pollution impacts and frequent maintenance issues for these applications. The shortening product lifespan and the excess amount of heat lead to safety concerns and even to the overall image of the property.

High Power Factor Dimmable LED Advertisement is an effective approach to balancing the advertisers’ interest and to simultaneously address the associated lighting pollution impacts. By utilizing energy wisely and reducing the energy wastage (excess light & heat), this solution brings us a true energy efficient and safe environment.

In this video, a DC 1-10V dimming solution that uses our new 1-10V Controller, DZ1G1TEN, and 1-10V dimmable constant voltage LED driver is presented. We explained about the Minimum-Level setting with DZ1G1TEN. We also looked at the Power Factor, Temperature of the solution and shared quick comments on 24V LED strip light towards the end of the video.

For interested party, please download our High Power Factor Dimmable LED Advertisement Solution Pamphlet from Support / Download page.

[New Product] Legend Tech DIMEZE 1-10V Controller with Minimum-Trim option

  • Model #: DZ1G1TEN
  • Minimum-Trim option to set Minimum Brightness Level from 0.8V - 3.5V
  • Power Rating (Adapter): AC 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz, (Controller): DC 60V MAX
  • CE Certified: EN 55015:2013+A1:2015, EN 61547:2009, EN 61000-3-2:2014, EN 61000-3-3:2013
Also introducing Multi-Output Constant Current 1-10V LED driver from another business partner, IDP Power Tech Ltd.

     Model #: SC-AD-025W-0A90-A-AV-20

1-10V Dimmable Constant Voltage LED Drivers from Business Partner:
  • IDP Power Technology Ltd., Website / Email:
  • Model #: ICV-AD-060W-12V-UN-20:   60W, 100-264Vac, 12V/5A, IP20, Metal Housing
  • Model #: ICV-AD-060W-24V-UN-V-20:   60W, 100-264Vac, 24V/2.5A, IP20, Metal Housing
For further information, please click the following link to download