Besides energy saving, controllability is the next highly expected feature of LED Lighting over Traditional Lighting. However, such a control aspect seems to be missing in daily applications. Since 2015, we've been developing & marketing Phase Dimmers* and related products to address LED dimming control

Driven by our project field experience, we developed a new type of Tunable White control using Phase Dimming & 0-10V technologies, which gives our Tunable White Controller (DZ1G300TUNE) & Dynamic Lighting Controllers (DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG / _PUSH). It's our goal to lower the technical and costs barriers for different Circadian Lighting or Commercial applications that desire Multi-Purpose Lighting.

* Our 450W / 220-240Vac Single Live-wire Operational Trailing-edge LED Phase Dimmers released to market includes DZ2G450DIAL & DZ1G450CAPS (2015), DZ3G450DIAL (2017), DZ4G450MULT (2018). In 2017, our DZ3G450DIAL was listed as a SORAA® Compatible dimmer. In Q2 2021, an Enhanced version of DZ3G450DIAL has been available.

In this Application Video Library, we shared a number of interesting topics on LED dimming or how our products can be applied in different scenarios.

A Push-Button Interface Dynamic Lighting Control for Tuneable White LED Fixtures

In this video, we showed the Push-Button interface variation of our Dynamic Lighting Controller. With this interface, users would adjust the light intensity and color temperature value of a Tuneable White LED Fixture control directly using a pair of low voltage Push-Buttons on a wall plate. We also provided a detailed look at each of our aluminum alloy faceplate designs.

Compared with the toggle switch interface, the push-button interface has an obvious advantage of simplified wiring: The number of wires from the wall plate to the dynamic lighting controller is reduced from 5 (DIM+, DIM-, GND, CCT+, and CCT-) for the toggle switch interface to 3 (DIM, GND, and CCT) for the push-button interface. 

In terms of device operation, the Push-Button interface is very much the same as our Gen 4 Two-Way Dimmer (Model # DZ4G450MULT), which has a single push button for Light On/Off, Dim Up/Down and Toggle between the Pre-set Hi/Low-Intensity levels functionalities. Additionally, the controller now also supports Color Temperature value adjustment and up to two Customized Preferred Color Temperature value memory setting. 

Furthermore, a Cycling operation has been added to the adjustment process in the way that once the Intensity level or Color Temperature value has reached either the Maximum or Minimum level, the adjustment would automatically bounce in the opposite direction. The Pre-set High / Low-Intensity level and Pre-set Warm White / Cool White Color Temperature value would enhance the user experience. 

The procedures for customization of the Minimum-Intensity Level & Preferred Color Temperature Setting are also demonstrated in the video. In terms of customization, users shall note that
  • Since the controller supports both tuneable white or dimmable LED fixtures and the power requirements of the fixtures can be completely different from each other, the Minimum-Intensity level shall be reset according to the fixture on-hand. In our previous video, we’ve suggested user(s) keep a visible light output level as the Minimum-Intensity level in order to avoid confusion in practice. To do this, first switch-off the light. Hold the Color Temperature button to enter the Minimum-Intensity setting mode. Once the user has finished the setting and released the Color Temperature button, the Minimum-Intensity memory would be saved. After the memory has been saved successfully, users may find the Intensity level bounce back once the brightness level has reached the particular level.
  • Although the Pre-set Low-Intensity level cannot be changed directly, the controller would automatically compare the Minimum-Intensity level with the Pre-set Low-Intensity level, in such a way that if the Minimum-Intensity level is above the Pre-set Low-Intensity, the Minimum-Intensity level would be used as the New Pre-set Low-Intensity level. The resultant dimming range would then become narrower than before. In this case, the user can reset the current Minimum-Intensity level setting as described above. For this reason, we suggest users set the Minimum-Intensity level to a reasonable level to avoid confusion.
  • This controller supports up to two memory settings for customized color temperature values. Users may follow a similar procedure like the Minimum-Intensity setting to alter the values, by first switching off the light, then hold the Intensity button and begin the color temperature value adjustment. Once the Intensity button is released, the color temperature value will be saved. As there are only two memories available, further changes will overwrite the previous setting. To trigger the Pre-set Color Temperature values, simply execute two consequent short presses and the two settings will be swapped.